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How do I keep track of what I've ordered?
Is it secure?
I've forgotten my customer ID and/or password
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Welcome to Chamberlain Music's online shop.  From these pages you can order almost any musical instrument, sheet music, or musical accessory quickly, securely and easily.

Browse through our sheet music catalogue, which contains hundreds of thousands of titles from all the major publishers.  If we have the title in stock (which we probably do) you'll get it by the next working day.  If not, we'll automatically order it from the publisher and you should have it within a week.  All without getting out of your armchair!

We hold huge stocks of electronic keyboards, guitars, woodwind and brassinstruments, reeds, strings and other accessories, as well as music books, classical CDs, and schools equipment. We're one of the UK's biggest distributors of YAMAHA pianos.

To browse through the different types of product, click on one of the headings in the menu on the right hand side of every page.  To order something, just enter the quantity you would like and click on the "Add to Order" button which you'll find at the bottom of the list.

How do I keep track of what I've ordered?

At any point during your visit to our shop you can click on the Checkout link in the menu that runs in the purple bar along the top.  This will show a screen which contains the contents of your order so far.  From here you can adjust the quantities ordered, and remove items from the order.  This is also the point from which, when you are ready, you can confirm that you would like to submit your order.

Is it secure?

We use the latest technology to ensure that the confidential information you provide us is securely encrypted and cannot be intercepted or read by any third party.  (If you're interested in the technical details, we use a secure (SSL) server with a Thawte-authenticated digital certificate for all registration and order processing, and order details are further encrypted before sending them to our warehouse facility for despatch and further processing.)


When you place your first order, we'll store your name and address details on our database and give you a unique customer ID which identifies you to our computer. Your customer ID will also be stored as a "cookie" on your computer's hard disk, so that the next time you visit our shop we can identify you automatically and you won't have to key in your details all over again.

However please note that for security reasons we do not permanently store your credit card details on our database, so you will need to key these in each time you use the shop.

Of course, you are free to browse our site without registering.

I've forgotten my password!

If you've forgotten your password, click here to go to the Registration page, and enter your e-mail address.  This will enable our computer to look up your details on our database, and you can have an e-mail sent to you automatically which will remind you of your password. If this doesn't work - e.g. if you've changed or forgotten the e-mail address you used when you registered, then please send us an e-mail.

Opening an account

If you already have a credit account with Chamberlain Music, please let us know after you have registered. We will then mark your registration accordingly, and when you subsequently place an order, you will be given the option to place your order on account.  Goods placed on account will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

If you're not already an account holder and would like to open an account, please e-mail us for further details.  However please note that credit accounts are normally only available to companies and institutions (such as schools, colleges etc.) who order from us regularly.

Problems with old browsers accessing our secure pages

Certain older browsers (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.0) do not automatically support the Thawte digital certificate which we use. If you are using an old browser and you have difficulties getting to the secure pages of our site (i.e. the pages where you actually submit your order) then please click here, choose Open from the file download dialog, and then follow instructions to install the certificate.

If you are running Netscape version 3 and you receive a warning that the root certificate will expire on July 27 1998, you can safely ignore this warning. To stop the warning from being displayed click here and follow the instructions.


A cookie is a small amount of information which can be stored by the browser. Typically it is used by websites to store information such as your customer ID or order number. There are two types of cookies: per-session cookies, which exist only during the time your browser is running and are never stored on your hard disk, and permanent cookies, which are stored on your hard disk between browser sessions.

The Chamberlain Music website uses per-session cookies to store your customer id and order number while you browse the site. If you have per-session cookies disabled, you can still browse the site but you will be unable to place an order.

If you have permanent cookies enabled, then your Chamberlain Music customer id will be stored from one site visit to the next, saving you from logging on each time. Also, if you add something to your order in one session, it will still be remembered even if you quit the browser and come back later. However, if you have permanent cookies disabled, you can still place orders.

(Netscape browsers don't differentiate between cookie types, and if you disable cookies in Netscape (V4) this includes both permanent and per-session cookies.)

Further assistance

If you have any queries or difficulties using our website or submitting your order, please don't hesitate to e-mail us and we'll do our best to help you.

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