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Our piano hire service

Purchasing a piano for a beginner can be costly, especially when it takes time to realise the level of commitment that will shown towards the new instrument. By the same token you do want to provide the maximum possible encouragement  by making sure that any piano bought for practise sounds great, has a well rounded tone and offers fantastic reliabilty and tuning stabilty. 

At Chamberlain Music we have been supplying new and used pianos for over 20 years, we always have a fantastic selection of fine quality pianos and our piano hire scheme represents great value for the beginner pianist, those looking to try before buying or perhaps those just needing a piano for a few months!

Piano rental charges



Our Price

Initial 3 month rental

Quarterly charge

Yamaha B1 109cm (3'6") Black Polyester £3,089 £2,600 £385 £175
Yamaha B2 113cm (3'8.5") Black Polyester £3,779 £3,200 £455 £199
Yamaha B3 121cm (4'0") Black Polyester £4,419 £3,750 £525 £275
Steinmayer S108 108cm Contemporary Polished Ebony, Medium Mahogany, Dark Mahogany £2,045 £1,849 £278 £117
Second hand / Restored          
Yamaha / Kawai uprights - under 120cm Up to £2,000 £300 £126
Yamaha / Kawai uprights - over 120cm Up to £3,000 £375 £159
Yamaha / Kawai uprights - over 130cm Up to £4,000 £500 £213
Yamaha / Kawai grands up to 5"5 Up to £5,000 £750 £321
Yamaha / Kawai grands up to 6"0 Up to £6,500 £975 £417


Uprights - each way (ground floor) £150
Grands - each way (ground floor)


(mainland UK)
Pianos supplied pre tuned 
Subsequent at home tunings £60
Minimum term three months
Renewed automatically each month but payable three monthly in advance by direct debit
One way transportation paid up front (£150 for upright,  (ground floor mainland UK)
Steinmayer S108 upright piano £278
Delivery  £150
Total amount payable in advance of delivery £428
Subsequent amount payable quarterly £117
Transportation payable in advance of collection £150
Purchase options  
Purchase at any time and receive equivalent to 50% of the first years rental payments deducted from the value of the instrument.

Further details

Please contact our Piano Manager Jon Caton by email or by phone 01428 647593.

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